Working at Mosanada

Working at Mosanada is an enriching and rewarding experience. Professionals from over 28 countries have moved to Qatar to join our team. Our people are what makes us special.

  • Our superior teamwork, expertise, and vision have made us Qatar’s preferred facilities management specialist
  • Our diverse backgrounds and skillsets ensure that we deliver the full spectrum of facilities management services
  • Our compensation package, investment in employee training, and benefits distinguish us from our competitors
  • Our passion for our work shines through at Qatar’s most important sporting and cultural venues
  • We believe in work / life balance
Qatar Dhow

Living and working in Qatar

Qatar is a dynamic country located in the Arabian Peninsula, known for its economic growth as well as its emergence as a hub of sport and culture.

Mosanada team members come from all over the world.  We all bring a diversity of beliefs, customs, work styles, and skillsets with us.

Qatar’s Kafala (sponsorship) system mandates that employers be consulted in order to complete the visa process, open bank accounts, and authorize exit permits, among other processes.

We take pride in our accessibility, responsiveness, and supportiveness when responding to the needs of our employees in accordance with the Kafala system.

The cosmopolitan makeup of the country has brought with it diverse culinary options, leisure activities, sporting options, and clubs.  

Job Vacancies

Mosanada is built on great people. We are currently looking for the following people to join our growing team:


Tips on Moving to Qatar

Moving countries for work can be daunting. Mosanada has a number of processes in place to make the transition easier.

Qatar Document Attestation

Document Attestation
Engineers and managers must have documents attested before starting employment.  Each country has unique processes for this.  Please seek guidance from both Mosanada HR and local sources.


Arrival & Visa
Mosanada meets each employee upon arrival at the airport. The process for working visas varies depending on country of origin.  Mosanada assists its employees in this process. 




Mosanada provides accommodation for some employees and assists in finding accommodation for others. Arrangements and resources will be discussed before employment begins.

Driver’s License
While some European countries offer transferable driver’s licenses, most countries, including the United States, do not have reciprocity agreements with Qatar. People from these countries must pass a theory and practical driving test in order to be awarded a driver’s license.

Staff Resources

Mosanada staff have access to business resources enabling them to process tasks more effectively.


'Wise Man' - our corporate wiki


Enterprise Resource Planning

Concept Evolution

Computer Aided FM Portal


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