Eliminating Plastic Bottle Waste

Eliminating Plastic Bottle Waste - A Beyond Green Project

Water dispensers providing cold and hot water has been installed across 24 iconic venues in Qatar, eliminating plastic bottle waste generated by site staff.


Switch from bottled water to reusable drink bottles


Initial Cost of QAR 40,000
Ongoing annual Costs of QAR 65,000

Business as usual: QAR 190,000 to provide plastic bottle drinking water

Date: March 2015
Supplier: Rayyan Water
Distribution: 12 Aspire Zone venues, 12 Qatar Olympic Committee venues, 2 Mosanada offices
Quantity: 150,000 Liters of drinking water yearly.


  • 66% reduction in annual water supply costs.
  • Less than 3-month payback
  • Higher hydration levels: staff increased water intake from 1.3L/day to 2.0 L/day
  • Water bottles are reusable and BPA free
  • Over 210,000 plastic bottles avoided
  • Mosanada has led the way in reducing plastic waste going to landfill in Qatar
  • Staff now have ready access to chilled water, including outdoor staff working in hot conditions.