Mosanada Presents at FMQ 2014

FMQ 2014 Green Stadiums

Mosananda recently participated in the 2014 Facilities Management Qatar conference (FMQ). Adam Wood (Senior Manager - Beyond Green) delivered a talk about the formulation of sustainability plans for large organisations.

Key Points included:

  • Strategy starts with 3-5 'high level' objectives and SMART targets
  • Sustainability Strategy requires level endorsement – Board level expectations should be communicated to relevant staff
  • Consultants and contractors must be kept accountable

Project Tips

  • High-level strategy must resourced by an allocated budget
  • Strategically design projects to achieve specific targets
  • Decisions should be based on modelling
  • Encourage partners to have ‘skin in the game’ and demonstrate results were achieved
  • Incorporate sustainability into existing business processes