Re-use in Child Homes, India


Mazhar Kolassery (Systems Support Specialist) visited ‘Child Homes in Goa’ (India) and delivered IT equipment donated by Mosanada such as Laptops, a projector, and books.

Mazhar said about his experience:

I had a medley of emotions flowing through my body. Thankful to have a family. My wife & I visited the orphanage with the gifts given by Mosanada. We met kids of 4-16 year olds in 3 homes. That feeling that we had when we saw these kids who got all excited and become insanely happy just by looking at us visit them. That feeling is magical.

We brought with us 3 Laptops, one projector, and books donated by Mosanada. That moment when they all screamed “Thank you!” was insane. They took us to their homes, shared their study plans and interests, and introduced us to their music band lead by Will from the United Kingdom.

Mark Cooke (CEO) said “As we have grown as a business, we have thought about how we can give back to the communities that we come from. Re-using IT equipment from our business in this manner not only greatly benefits these children but also reduces our environmental impact”