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Problem Solving

Mosanada facilities managers are problem solvers. Our staff anticipate issues and proactively address our clients’ problems. We’ve taken unprecedented steps to ensure that our employees never stop learning, so they can continuously improve their work. That’s why our client relationships are so enduring – 100 percent of our clients have renewed their contracts since year 1.

We are the first FM provider in the region to become a IWFM training center..

We have the most well-credentialed FM workforce in Qatar due to our high hiring standards.

Our staff welfare initiatives and excellent benefits mean that employees are happy, and therefore, effective.

Our smart incentives encourage our employees to give exceptional service to the client.

Ultimately, our clients benefit from our culture of problem solving. It is this culture of innovative thinking that leads to positive results – like improving systems for Planned Preventative Maintenance at the Ministry of Culture and Sport to save 10% in yearly Corrective Maintenance expenditure.