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Marine Sector

15-Marine Sector

Marine Sector

Mosanada is your trusted partner in Marine Infrastructure Facility Management. With a deep-rooted understanding of the unique challenges and demands of marine facilities, we specialise in providing comprehensive solutions that ensure seamless operations, safety, and sustainability.

Our Services:

Port Operations Management: Our experts are skilled in optimising port operations, from cargo handling to vessel scheduling, ensuring efficient maritime traffic flow and minimising downtime.

Asset Maintenance and Repairs: We ensure the longevity and functionality of marine infrastructure through strategic asset maintenance, regular inspections, and timely repairs.

Safety and Compliance: Safety is paramount in marine operations. We implement rigorous safety protocols, compliance checks, and emergency response plans to safeguard both personnel and assets.

Environmental Stewardship: Operating in harmony with the marine ecosystem is essential. Our sustainability initiatives focus on minimising environmental impact, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.

Jetties, Dolphins, Boardwalks and Navigational Aids Management: We manage all areas around berths , to ensure safe and accurate passage for vessels entering and leaving the port.