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AFC Champions League at Khalifa Stadium

Elevating Excellence: Mosanada FMS’s Game-Ready Mastery at AFC Champions League at the Khalifa Stadium! 🏟️⚽     In the electrifying faceoff between Al Nassr FC and Al Duhail SC during the AFC Champions League at Khalifa Stadium, Mosanada FMS orchestrated a symphony of preparations to ensure the venue was ready and at its peak for the showdown. From pitch-perfect precision to meticulous infrastructure checks, Mosanada FMS’s commitment to excellence was unwavering. The 3-2 victory for Al Nassr FC was more than a triumph on the field, and the success of the Mosanada FMS team, the unsung hero behind the scenes that ensured the venue was in a perfect condition to host the players and the 36528 spectators.🏆

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Qatar Expo 2023

Expo 2023 🌍: Embark on the Magic of Al Bidda Park with the collaboration of Mosanada FMS and Arena event teams, to showcase the best agricultural and sustainability experience in the region!     Welcome to Al Bidda Park, the pulsating heart of Expo 2023, where the Mosanada Team invites you to join a journey into extraordinary experiences at every corner. Exploring the Grounds 🌳 Step into Al Bidda Park, where lush greenery and the symphony of nature greet you. A leisurely stroll through the manicured gardens reveals vibrant flowers and canopies of trees, creating an oasis of tranquillity—a perfect setting for memorable encounters. Pavilions of Innovation 🏛️ Dive into the future at the innovative pavilions lining the park’s pathways. Expo 2023 unfolds groundbreaking advancements in technology, sustainability, and culture. With interactive displays and immersive exhibits, each pavilion stands as a testament to human ingenuity and progress. Culinary Delights 🍽️…

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Safe 365

Ensuring Safety Excellence: Mosanada FMS Team Hosts Safety Committee Meeting monthly at Aspire Zone 🚧   In the pursuit of safety excellence, the Mosanada FMS team is convening Safety Committee monthly Meetings at the Aspire Zone. This gathering marks a significant step in fostering a culture of safety and collaboration among the various contractors involved in projects within this dynamic location. A Commitment to Safety First 🛡️ Safety is not just a priority; it’s a core value for the Mosanada FMS team. With Aspire Zone being a hub of diverse activities and projects, ensuring the well-being of everyone involved is paramount. The Safety Committee Meeting exemplifies the team’s unwavering commitment to creating a secure environment for all. Collaboration at Its Core 🤝 The meeting serves as a platform for open dialogue and collaboration between the Mosanada FMS team and the contractors. Emphasising the importance of effective communication and a unified…

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2020 IWFM Finalist Redefining the cool workplace

2020 IWFM FinalistRedefining the cool workplace In 2019, Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar was host to the IAAF World Athletics Championships. Mosanada were responsible for managing state of the art cooling technology that would make the event one that spectators could comfortably enjoy whilst athletes could break records. The Institute of Facilities and Workplace Management (IWFM) have judged this work of significant impact and have shortlisted Mosanada for an award in Workplace Experience (non-office/corporate environment) at the annual IWFM Award Ceremony. We would like to thank our customer, Aspire Logistics, the team at Khalifa International stadium, and all their colleagues across Mosanada for their support in this prestigious competition.  

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Mosanada Accredited as a BICSc Assessment Centre

Mosanada is committed to being industry leading. We always strive to achieve the highest expectations when it comes to our contractors delivering the Cleaning and Janitorial services to our ever-increasing list of clients. All Soft Service staff within Mosanada FMS are trained through our British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) portfolio of units, so we can implement, observe, and ensure the quality output from our service partners to all clients. Mosanada FMS have successfully been reaccredited as a BICSc assessment Centre for the 3rd consecutive year while providing an overview of site Term Contractors in sites throughout Qatar.  

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Congratulations to our BIFM Graduates

Congratulations to Edanrich Pasaporte and Joel Nunag who received their certificates from Martin Campbell, Director of Business Solutions and Julian Burton, BIFM assessor.   From Left: Julian Burton, BIFM assessor with BIFM Graduates Joel Nunag, and Edanrich Pasaporte, and Martin Campbell Director of Business Solutions.  

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