What We Achieve

We enhance and support the places where Qatar’s community gathers to live and play.

Gather + Play + Live = Mosanada

  • We provide facilities management for sports infrastructure trusted by teams and athletes from the following sporting leagues and associations: 
    Premier League, Ligue 1, Seria A, Qatar Stars League, National Basketball Association, ATP World Tour, World Boxing Council, FINA, U.S. and U.K. Track and Field teams
  • We’re the FM provider for Aspire Park, the country’s largest and most popular outdoor park, and Hotel Park, the community gathering place in the heart of West Bay 
  • We manage FM for Katara Cultural Village, Qatar’s cultural district 
  • We’ll be behind the scenes at the IAAF World Championships in Athletics at Khalifa Stadium in 2019 
MV Room Inspection

Why We’re Different

More proven than our competitors

As Qatar’s most experienced facilities management partner, Mosanada has a proven record of success supporting the country’s highest value, highest priority assets.

A genuine commitment to Qatar

Mosanada plays a strategic role in supporting the pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030
Human Development – training Qatari FM professionals in best practice
Economic Development – supporting venues that diversify the economy and enhance the Qatar’s standard of living
Social Development – helping to create a societal shift toward sport and culture in Qatar
Environmental Development – integrating sustainability into our thought process as a guiding principle 

FM Services

Facilities Management is essential to every customer’s overall strategy. It has a direct relationship to the lifespan and cost of any facility, big and small.

Mosanada delivers superior FM service because we put the best technology in the hands of the most experienced industry professionals in Qatar. Our commitment to strict compliance in the quality, health, safety, and environment spheres is also critical to our standing as Qatar’s preferred facilities management specialist.

We deliver the full spectrum of hard and soft facilities management services, as well as consultancy and sustainability services. 

Mosanada FMS

Hard Facilities Management

Hard FM

Our hard facilities management services ensure that your facility is optimized for its entire life cycle. Our teams of specialist facilities managers and engineers provide services that include:

  • Complete asset management strategies
  • Planned and preventative maintenance services
  • Mechanical and electrical corrective maintenance
  • Building fabric maintenance and repairs
  • Technical libraries
  • 24/7 technical helpdesks


Soft Services

Customers rely on our soft facilities management specialists, who are experts in providing services that maintain facilities to the highest standards. Offerings include:

  • Cleaning services
  • In-house façade cleaning teams
  • Pest control and hygiene services 
  • Waste management services 
  • Security services
  • Landscaping
  • 24/7 helpdesk service 




Our FM professionals are not only doers, but thinkers. We have the experience and insight to provide customers, employees, and contractors with advice and analysis that save time and money. Our consultancy services include: 

  • Procurement of works 
  • Maintenance and repair methodologies
  • Project design and management
  • Contracts and commercial
  • Sports pitches and turf management



Our dedicated, in-house sustainability advisers identify and implement measures that benefit the environment while saving our clients money. Our recommendations result in:

  • Reduction in energy & water consumption
  • Improvements to waste management
  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Recognition for our clients for their environmental initiatives
  • Compliance with legislation and energy consumption metrics


Safety is at the heart of Mosanada’s training, policies, and procedures. It is our number one priority, day in and day out. That’s why we’ve instituted SAFE365, a program that integrates safety best practice into our daily work day. Safety is non-negotiable for us.

SAFE365 is a suite of policies, procedures and rules that ensure: 


Employees are encouraged to report conditions and practices that are potentially unsafe. 


Employees and sub-contractors actively participate in regular behavioural safety training. 


Contractors adhere to rigorous requirements for safety, underscored by mandatory inspections and audits to verify compliance. 


We continue to earn our ISO 18001 certification (and recertification) for a safe and healthy working environment. 


Too often, organizations consider sustainability a buzzword. But we don’t see it that way. There’s a reason why we have a dedicated, in-house sustainability team. It’s why we create bespoke, smart district cooling plans for our clients’ facilities, big and small. It's why we made the switch from disposable plastic water containers to reusable bottles on our biggest site, and why we have made it a priority to install solar energy solutions in our newest projects. 

The reason? We know that sustainability not only saves the environment, but also saves money for our clients. Mosanada is bringing sustainability back, and exceeding our clients’ core business objectives in the process.

Case Studies 

Making strategy for Qatar's largest public areas


Switching from plastic water bottles to reusable bottles – saving 66 percent in annual water costs while reducing waste and improving employee hydration

Saving 120,000 plastic bottles in waste

Increasing hydration by 53 percent

Energy Audits uncover simple projects to save energy and prolong equipment life.

Problem Solving

Mosanada facilities managers are problem solvers. Our staff anticipate issues and proactively address our clients’ problems. We’ve taken unprecedented steps to ensure that our employees never stop learning, so they can continuously improve their work. That’s why our client relationships are so enduring – 100 percent of our clients have renewed their contracts since year 1. 

Well Trained

We are the first FM provider in the region to become a IWFM training center. 

Well Credentialed

We have the most well-credentialed FM workforce in Qatar due to our high hiring standards.

Staff Welfare

Our staff welfare initiatives and excellent benefits mean that employees are happy, and therefore, effective.

Smart Incentives

Our smart incentives encourage our employees to give exceptional service to the client.

Ultimately, our clients benefit from our culture of problem solving. It is this culture of innovative thinking that leads to positive results – like improving systems for Planned Preventative Maintenance at the Ministry of Culture and Sport to save 10% in yearly Corrective Maintenance expenditure. 

Actionable Innovation

Innovation needs to be actionable. We know that to drive innovation, creative plans need to be bold but also attainable.  This is why our proposals succeed in driving innovation to meet our clients’ biggest challenges. 

As the FM provider with the most outstanding sports FM in the region, we’ve become an experienced and reliable consultant to Qatar’s most important sporting bodies for the preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Mosanada is also experienced developing tailored sustainability plans for our biggest clients.  In doing so, we’ve implemented bold and rewarding initiatives to save money while boosting energy efficiency. 

Most rewarding of all, our clients have been recognized for outstanding achievements. We were honored to help Qatar’s Ministry of Culture and Sport become awarded by Tarsheed, Qatar’s national conservation campaign, three years running.