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A Reflection on the Mosanada FY23 AGM

Following the completion of the Mosanada Facilities Management Services FY23 Annual General Meeting, the Board took the opportunity to say thank you and farewell to Simon Whitaker, Chief Financial Officer. Mr Abdulaziz Abdulla Al Mahmoud (Chairman of the Board of Directors) stated that “Simon’s contribution to the
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Sneak Peek into Our Brand-New Office Space!

We are thrilled to share a glimpse of our brand-new office space! After months of preparation, our new office is finally ready to welcome you. We can’t wait for you to see it, check reel on Instagram!
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Ramadan Iftar with Mosanada FMS Team 2024🌙

Reflecting on the memorable Ramadan Iftar shared with the Mosanada FMS team 2024. 🌙 Those moments of togetherness and reflection were truly special. It was a beautiful gathering filled with unity and gratitude, leaving us with cherished memories.              
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Mosanada’s Impact at AFC Asian Cup 2023™️

Mosanada played a pivotal role at the AFC Asian Cup 2023™️, ensuring seamless operations and unforgettable experiences at various stadiums across Qatar. With dedication and precision, we set the standard for excellence, delivering fan-friendly experiences and contributing to the tournament’s success.    
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